Basma’s western style adopted hijabista looks

Fashion is part of the art. It is an expression. For a fashion blogger there’s no better way to express and show personality through the clothes. Lately it was something innovative in the fashion blog community to have a hijab wearing young ladies featuring their daily outfits.  Basma is one of the a well know fashion bloggers based in UK. She is known for her up to date fashion findings and modestly styled hijabista looks. Her style could be defined as classy and inspiring. Mostly she appears with her accessible outfits and her style is eclectic, as it matches tastes of vast majority of women wearing hijab.

But what makes her entries special and worth following? The little twist is that Basma’s wardrobe is about ethically selected items from affordable Western brands, where most of the people can’t imagine how easily they could be adopted for a muslim women in scarf. She also prefers Middle-eastern style abayas, which are considered as the most comfortable and practical clothes for practising muslim ladies, but again even these traditional picks are gowned with matching stylish accessories and scarves. But not only. She also gives tips how to wear hijab of different styles by making helpful hijab tutorials. It was not easy to select the best ones out of her breezy, playful summer-spring lookbook collection, but we selected the most famous of them.


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